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Thursday, June 16, 2005

Freedom oFROM Religion

It is an oft made point that in the attempt to make a pluralist society or a "free and open" society, many support policies which in actual effect if not intention lead to an amoral society (literally a society without religion/morality). If the day ever comes that the growing view, which holds all public displays of religious views as somehow fundamentalist or dangerous, is dominant in America, then that is the day on which liberty is truly dead. How can a country claim to allow for freedom of thought, freedom of speech, freedom when it's populace creates a de facto right to "freedom from religion." Once these views become dominant then the democratic institutions which now ensure freedom may become the same which imprisons it. If this ever comes to pass then it will be clear that the supporters of the "pluralist society" were no different from the actual theocrats which they for so long railed against. For who is to decide that only secularist, humanist, or "scientific" views deserve to be publicly proclaimed. The notion that religion is necesarilly offensive to those who do not hold its beliefs does not change the fact that those religious points of view deserve an equal opportunity to be heard. For this notion can easily be reversed to state: humanism, secluraism, or "science" is necesarilly offensive to those who do not feel that they hold the true answers (or all teh answers) to society's needs. In a good piece in The Weekly Standard online today, Hugh Hewitt quotes Denver's Archbishop Charles Chaput making essentialy the same argument; only in a more perfect manner. The Archbishop stated:
"where public expressions of religious faith often seem to be ridiculed as fundamentalism. In the name of respecting all religions, a new form of secular intolerance is sometimes imposed. Out of fear of religious fundamentalism, a new
kind of secular fundamentalism may be coerced on public institutions and political discourse."

The entire article can be found at The Weekly Standard link to the right.


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