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Monday, June 27, 2005

What Keeps Me Up at Night.

Other than gas and the occassional concern over terrible pop music, the most common thing which makes me miss sleep due to worry is the growning threat of China. These two recent articles don't relieve me of my concerns.

Perhaps, it's finally time to change American strategy towards China. This would call for linkage of trade to human rights abuses within China and China's political climate, as well of course, with China's foreign policy (especially concerning Taiwan). In addition the U.S. needs to push hard for growing diplomatic ties with both allies in the region and latent enemies throughout the world. Specifically I would suggest that the U.S. focus on building close alliances with the following: Australia, Japan, South Korea, India, Russia, and Brazil (along with to a lesser extent the rest of South and Central America, whose ties to China have been growing rapidly in recent years).


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