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Monday, August 22, 2005

More Kiev Pics

Here is a picture of the inside of the apartment in which we stayed while in Kiev. Above is a picture of the living room where my friends and I watched such great tv programming as SMS videos and gay hitler comedy bits (not to mention really demented Japanese comedy). Also I slept on the living room couch for most of the trip (not too comfortable, but better than most people have it, I was told).
This was our kitchen, which to me didn't seem too great but had all that one would need and for Kiev was considered quite spacious. At different times during our stay both the kitchen table and window sill were used as beds for the highly intoxicated. The window looks down onto a cobble stone courtyard where the permanent residence parked their BMWs and Mercedes (we were in the "wealthy" part of town, remember).
This was the master bedroom, in which my friend Matt (who had been in Kiev for four months slept). Lucky bastard...but turns out the joke was on him, there was a major hole in the right center of the mattress.
Here was our front door and all around storage area. And yes, that plant is fake.
This is the view from our apartment's balcony onto a rather upscale portion of mid-town Kiev. The first floors were mostly dotted with groceries, pharmacies and boutiques. Notice the nice and new cars parked below.

Here I am pointing out the thermometer reading during a return walk from a night club. It is approximately 3 in the morning and to the best I could tell, not exactly remembering my Celsius to fahrenheit conversion, cold as hell. Turns out it was only 39F. But give me a break, I'm from south Louisiana and it was snowing.

Jazz is still relatively popular in Kiev and on the advice of our good local friends Andry and Gela we visited this underground Jazz club. Quickly we learned that we were in over our heads when it came both to Jazz knowledge and drinking. As was demonstrated by the fact that several twelve year olds easily matched us shot for shot and continued to converse on whether Bill Evans was heavily influenced by Art Tatum or rather was too tonal for that to be the case.

Here Brady shows the people of Ukraine what they are missing with his patented "white tornado" dance move. But as Brady stated when I e-mailed him this pic:
"In my defense, though my dancing sucks...I was in the top 10% for that place."

Techno and house were the only music played and being that we were all novices at those dance styles and suck at dancing, in general, I feel that we did really well.

This appetizing dish is the classic beet soup known as borscht. It is certainly an acquired taste. But I found, to my surprise, that it is very good with sour cream. I have been trying to find a good bowl of it here in South Louisiana since I returned (unsuccessful so far).

Here are a few of the more outgoing English students from the local University which Matt attended. Everyone there was extremely nice and in the case of a few (not necessarily those shown above) a little too friendly.

Below is a shot of the Orange Revolution protestors in one of the several shanty towns they erected throughout the capital city. By the time we arrived they had already seen the Ukrainian Supreme Court call for new elections and so were relatively confident that their man, Yoshenko, would prevail.

And of course any photo collection from Kiev would be incomplete without a shot of Independence Square where the major protests and rallies of the Orange Revolution played out. It is only approximately 5 o'clock in this picture but as you can see Kiev gets dark early in late December. But as is also apparent Kiev, in places, is extremely beautiful.


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