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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Revelation and True Knowledge

One of the basic precepts with which I approach any argument concerning the big question (aka the meaning of life/existence) is that without some type of revelation humanity is incapable of knowing the final Truth. This is for several reasons: 1) It is impossible to prove a negative: such as trying to prove that there is no GOD; 2) Despite how advanced man becomes in his scientific understanding his understanding cannot touch upon the imperceptible (for science by its very nature is only able to study what we can in some way observe...Either directly observe, observe as the thing studied affects a third observable object, or deduce from past observations theoretical notions of truth); 3) Human nature allows for multiple interpretations of the same few facts and beliefs, so that all human understanding is open to near infinite sub-groups of understanding...all of which can't be true. So obviously if there is a God the only way humanity could come close to knowing the Truth in any type of detail would be through some sort of revelation from a greater knowledge source. If, on the other hand, there is no greater knowledge source, then humanity is bound to never be able to completely understand this final Truth. I don't at all believe that this fact in anyway proves the existence of God, because it certainly doesn't. I do, however, argue that for anyone of faith (any faith in any greater Being) their faith must be based on some type of revelation (either a holy text, a vision, or piecing together clues left to humanity by the greater Being) on which they base their understanding...otherwise their understanding is most likely nothing more than personal beliefs writ large (obviously many would argue this is also the case with those who use revelations...and so the case may be). Simply put we should be careful when demeaning a person for their reliance on what they perceive as a Holy Revelation in their understanding of the final Truth...because for anyone who claims an understanding of the Final Truth these revelations are a necessity. So what is the revelation that allows those who don't believe in revelations or any greater Being to believe what they believe when it comes to their understanding of final Truth?


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