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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Sad State of Hugo Chavez

Great article about the dangers of Hugo Chavez over at the Weekly Standard.

It never fails to amaze me how humanity is able to repeat the same grotesque mistakes over and over again. Such is my amazement at Hugo Chavez and the state of Venezuela. It is not hard to imagine how a demagogue such as Chavez is able to gain power. In a world all too afraid of calling a spade a spade and all too ready to call those they disagree with much worse, it is little wonder that most people have difficulty in spotting the true threats to society. Perhaps to some degree this also explains how someone can hold the beliefs of a Castro, Hussein, or Chavez in today's world and still actually believe that what they are doing is best for their country, their people, and humanity in general. In attempting to find how a leader such as Chavez is able to justify his views and actions, I in no way mean to minimize the fact that he may be just as concerned with obtaining power for personal or even ulterior motives. But my confusion remains as to how does one see the failures of Communism and Fascism and still believe that perhaps a populist fascism is what will bring my country to prominence. Not only are the Venezuelans now far down the road to fewer civil rights and crappy overall economic prospects, but their generalisimo is also doing his best to raise tensions with the US and her allies. Of course the US is commonly the target for such governments who see every act by those in a better situation than themselves as imperialism, but it is also a common tactic used by totalitarians to hold onto power. Creating the outside threat to justify the clamping down on his own citizens is the oldest play in the despot playbook. I fear that without a severe international response (note: I don't necessarily mean anything military) in the near future Chavez will become as embedded in his "Bolivarian" Bastion as Castro is in Cuba and will certainly end up being a well spring for proto-Chavez terrorism throughout Latin America and the world.


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