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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

A cautious Note to My Overall Support

As most anyone who has read my posts on this blog will know, I believe that the spread of democracy throughout the world should be U.S. policy because it is both strategically beneficial to America and because it is the right thing to do. That having been said, I have never been the most optimistic when it comes to the amount of difficulty this goal will entail. While I can say that there is nothing innate within any race or ethnicity which would keep them from making good republicans (notice I mean small "r" republicans), I do not doubt that other external influences might make large groups more inclined to be incapable of consistently supporting a stable democratic (again small "d" democrat) government. Whether this external influence might include cultural imperatives, I do not know. But in the very least I feel that economic and ideological realities on the ground are likely to impact the success of any plans at democratization the U.S. implements. A great article on this very subject is found in the latest Policy Review. As the author, Gerard Alexander, states those pro-democracy hawks of today with whom I so often agree do stand the very real risk of soon being seen much like the Developmental Economists of the post-war era (in other words as noble failures).


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